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The present invention relates to an external apparatus that attaches to a wood turning lathe in order to hold and control the motion of cutting tools used for shaping and hollowing vessels and bowls mounted on the lathe. Wood lathes have existed for over two thousand years and most frequently have relied upon handheld tools to accomplish the shaping and hollowing of wood. This approach is adequate for smaller projects involving relatively uniform woods. However, for larger projects utilizing more interesting woods (burls, crotches, roots and stumps) that may include knots, voids, inclusions, debris, metal objects, and complex grain structures, a more robust method for holding and controlling the cutting tools is required. The present apparatus is also useful for wood turners who may be experiencing certain physical limitations.

Taz Ultra Hollowing System

TAZ Ultra Wood Hollowing System (Patent Pending) for Wood Turners can now be watched on Vimeo.
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Previous hollowing systems may be broadly characterized as either "articulating arm" or "capture" types. For both of these hollowing systems there comes a point where the hollowing system becomes physically decoupled from the lathe. This decoupling can lead to hollowing system vibrations and resonances induced by cutting tool chatter and catches, making it more difficult to make accurate and repeatable hollowing cuts. The present invention mitigates the possibility of tool chatter and catches with multiple techniques that include friction control, vibration damping, close and adjustable tolerances, and robust system mass.

Hollowing System  wood vessel hollowing syatem

The present invention provides a method and apparatus for the longitudinal, lateral, vertical and rotational control of a toolbar that can hold a variety of cutting tools. The assemblies that comprise the complete system are interconnected in such a way that the friction and rigidity between the toolbar and the various assemblies can be controlled and varied easily. Moreover, the materials of construction for certain of the assemblies provide friction control and vibration damping.

It is therefore a primary object of the present invention to provide a method and apparatus that will enable a wood turner to concentrate on the form of a vessel being turned on a wood lathe without being overly concerned with countering the various forces that are experienced as the hollowing and shaping of the vessel progresses.

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