Lathe Hollowing System For Wood Turners - Wood Working Tool

The system was inspired while attending woodworking classes while talking to one of my classmates (in his 80’s). He expressed concerns that he did not know how much longer he would be able to turn because of decreased hand strength and shoulder problems. I designed and built a system to control the vertical and rotational forces encountered while hollowing; it did not work! The problems were too much friction and tolerances that were too loose. A number of design iterations (seven at last count) have led to the current configuration.

Wood Hollowing System

The TAZ Ultra Wood Hollowing System for Wood Turners (patent pending) has been tested extensively by
both professional wood turners and novice turners. All parts of the system are precision machined making it a rigid hollowing system. 


My Wood Turning Philosophy
I prefer to find the natural beauty in a piece of wood rather than embellishing it. The only exceptions to this philosophy occur when it is necessary to stabilize a piece because of structural defects. I predominantly work with green woods, in particular burls, crotches, roots, and stumps. I’ve observed that in general the uglier a piece of wood is on the outside the more spectacular it will be on the inside.